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on the issues war and peace bernie sanders - sen bernie sanders foreign policy strength through diplomacy senator sanders believes that the test of a great and powerful nation is not how many wars it can engage in but how it can resolve international conflicts in a peaceful manner, bernie sanders on foreign policy feelthebern org - about us grassroots resources books by bernie contact us this website was built is maintained by volunteers with no official relation to bernie sanders we re regular people unassociated with any super pacs or billionaires, bernie sanders on u s foreign policy npr - bernie sanders on u s foreign policy npr s scott simon asks sen bernie sanders i vt a critic of u s involvement overseas about president trump s america first foreign policy and about russian interference in u s elections, bernie sanders foreign policy approach npr - or it could simply be a sign that sanders views on many subjects are colored by an overriding concern with economic well being bernie sanders foreign policy views are shaped by the lens of the economy said elizabeth saunders a visiting fellow at the council on foreign relations, yes bernie sanders has a foreign policy vision here are - from both sides of the aisle sen bernie sanders s foreign policy views have been consistently mischaracterized, bernie sanders on foreign policy ontheissues org - q you have not proactively laid out a foreign policy doctrine yet why sanders i did give a speech at georgetown where i talked about democratic socialism and foreign policy maybe i shouldn t have combined the two in the same speech, exclusive bernie sanders begins building foreign policy - exclusive bernie sanders begins building foreign policy team democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has finally begun efforts to assemble a team of foreign policy advisors following weeks of criticism from hillary clinton that his campaign lacks the kind of trusted experts necessary to inform a future commander in chief