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senator bernie sanders on democratic socialism in the - in his inaugural remarks in january 1937 in the midst of the great depression president franklin delano roosevelt looked out at the nation and this is what he saw he saw tens of millions of its citizens denied the basic necessities of life he saw millions of families trying to live on incomes so meager that the pall of family disaster hung over them day by day, bernie sanders campaign pays fine over illegal - senator bernie sanders campaign agreed to pay a 14 500 fine to the federal election commission last month after the agency ruled the independent s 2016 presidential campaign had accepted an, bernie sanders for president the nation - ad policy we believe such a revolution is not only possible but necessary and that s why we re endorsing bernie sanders for president this magazine rarely makes endorsements in the, bernie sanders campaign faced a fake news tsunami where - washington last june john mattes started noticing something coursing like a virus through the facebook page he helped administer for bernie sanders fans in san diego people with no apparent, bernie sanders s politics of national socialism site - the union hall like the strangely church like auditorium at drake university the night before was chosen with calculation bernie he s bernie not senator sanders or mr sanders or, bernie sanders on education feelthebern org - bernie sanders on education bernie sanders believes that all students deserve the opportunity to receive an affordable quality education from the earliest stages of schooling to high level degrees, the exception to bernie sanders liberalism msnbc - u s senator bernie sanders i vt holds a news conference after he announced his candidacy for the 2016 democratic presidential nomination on capitol hill in washington on april 30 2015, bernie sanders fined for illegally coordinating with - the federal election commission fec fined bernie sanders presidential campaign 14 500 for accepting illegal in kind foreign contributions from the australian labor party alp during the 2016 elections the ruling stems from a february 2016 conservative activist group project veritas video, when bernie sanders thought castro and the sandinistas - sanderistas when bernie sanders thought castro and the sandinistas could teach america a lesson as mayor of burlington sanders praised the regimes of nicaragua and cuba claiming bread lines, bernie sanders in his own words 250 quotes from america - bernie sanders in his own words 250 quotes from america s political revolutionary chamois holschuh walker bragman robert reich on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers here is a collection of the most salient hard hitting no nonsense quotes that have made bernie sanders the beloved leader of our revolution, bernie sanders tweets cardi b praise for fdr social - bernie sanders praised rap star cardi b in a tweet wednesday sanders said cardi was right to praise president franklin roosevelt s creation of social security cardi b has a shown political, george will describes bernie sanders soviet union - a cnn panel discusses the odds of bernie sanders winning the first two democratic primaries on aug 12 2015 for most couples the ideal honeymoon getaway might entail a week of unwinding at a, how breitbart recruited a bernie sanders activist to - a reporter for the right wing news site convinced black men for bernie founder bruce carter to switch sides and back donald trump for president, trump thinks bernie sanders will run against him in a - sen bernie sanders i vt speaks during a rally against president donald trump s travel ban outside the supreme court in washington d c january 30 2017, bernie sanders calls out disney ceo bob iger over 400 - bob iger is overpaid according to bernie sanders the longtime senator from vermont took the disney chief exec to task on friday asking in a tweet why iger is paid hundreds of millions of, democratic party presidential primaries 2016 wikipedia - the 2016 democratic party presidential primaries and caucuses were a series of electoral contests organized by the democratic party to select the 4 051 delegates to the democratic national convention held july 25 28 and determine the nominee for president of the united states in the 2016 u s presidential election the elections took place within all fifty u s states the district of, let me respond to the state of the union senator bernie - state of the union 2018 credit new york times now let me say a few words about some of the issues that donald trump failed to mention tonight and that is the difference between what he, the next commander in chief council on foreign relations - see where donald trump wants to take u s foreign policy