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loadrunner architecture wilson mar - architecture overview loadrunner works by creating virtual users who take the place of real users operating client software such as internet explorer sending requests using the http protocol to iis or apache web servers requests from many virtual user clients are generated by load generators in order to create a load on various servers under test, how to organize user defined functions into loadrunner - assume you work and work in loadrunner create and create scripts eventually you face the situation when your code is duplicated in many scripts this is a wrong way take my word for it, loadrunner actions hp loadrunner tutorial - loadrunner actions three types of actions in loadrunner that is vuser int action vuser end actions main execution load script will written in action window and remaining vuser int vuser end actions useful in one time script execution, loadrunner vu scripting wilson mar - script file actions sections the requests which agents on host machines issue to application servers are specified by a playback of actions created by the vuser user generator vugen exe loadrunner creates new scripts with three sections, hp0 m48 hp0 m49 loadrunner certification mock papers - why loadrunner certification hp loadrunner is an industry leading performance testing tool and has a market share of more than 77 in the performance testing tools market given that more and more companies are harnessing the power of internet load testing is one area which none of the companies can choose to ignore, loadrunner video how to record pdf file saving - one loadrunner user asked me how to record pdf file saving in loadrunner earlier i explained that loadrunner does not record client side activities that means that loadrunner records pdf file transferring cause it is a network activity and does not record pdf file saving which does not generate any network traffic in some case we need to save pdf or other file on local disk and, loadrunner guidlines and good practice loadrunner - loadrunner guidlines and good practice loadrunner loadrunner standards a useful guide performance testing techniques introduction so you re a test manager responsible for some loadrunner performance testing but you don t know anything about it he, loadrunner raviteja gorentla functions in load runner - in the following example the web add cookie function adds a cookie with the name client id to the list of cookies available to the script, loadrunner vs performance center my load test - so while i don t think that the two columns are a particularly good fit for either performance center or loadrunner i will probably avoid using the word enterprise when i am trying to say that a product is suited for activities that are business critical or that a product is better than the cheap consumer version, how can we handle captcha in load runner blogger - captcha an acronym for completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart is a type of challenge response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human, become sdet learn automation software testing training - sdet transformation programs the goal of our sdet transformation training progams is to transform your qa manual testing team to automation we will produce a competent engineer to design and develop automation testing frameworks while working with developers and stake holders to produce robust and relevant business driven test plans in a fast paced exciting agile bdd software delivery, automation testing vs manual testing softwaretestingmaterial - a site for software testers we provide free online tutorials on manual testing automation testing selenium qtp loadrunner testing tools and many more, hp bto software applications portfolio - quality management and functional testing hp quality center software industry leading requirements test and defect management hp quality center software is a complete quality, manual testing tutorial free course with 100 tutorials - different aspects of qa manual testing is covered in this series of manual testing tutorials this series of tutorials will be the best guide for beginners and in turn brush the existing knowledge of the experienced professionals, what is user story and acceptance criteria examples - a perfect guide to user story acceptance criteria with real life scenarios in the software development industry the word requirement defines what our goal is what the customers exactly need and what will make our company to increase its business, hp test data management software us english - 3 hp quality center hp quality center software is an enterprise quality management platform that combines requirement test and defect management into a single globally, linux unix user administration tutorial adduser usermod - as linux is a multi user operating system there is a high need of an administrator who can manage user accounts their rights and the overall system security you should know the basics of linux admin so that you can handle the user accounts and usergroups step 1 go to the system settings look, what is the role and skills of a tester in agile methodology - agile testers must have primary skills in automating test cases test driven development and acceptance test driven development manual testing both white box and black box testing, 100 sql interview questions answers updated 2018 - a site for software testers we provide free online tutorials on manual testing automation testing selenium qtp loadrunner testing tools and many more