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top middle ages quizzes trivia questions answers - top middle ages quizzes trivia medieval times middle ages questions answers middle ages questions and answers during the middle ages these people were in in charge of the castles and had many people working for them middle ages test for hours 1 3 questions 31 attempts 131, quiz middle ages feudal system ducksters - about this quiz all the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the page at middle ages feudal system instructions to take the quiz click on the answer the circle next to the answer will turn yellow you can change your answer if you want, early middle ages questions and answers flashcards quizlet - early middle ages questions and answers learn with flashcards games and more for free, practice test middle ages staff web pages - practice test middle ages read each question choose the best answer for each question keep answering until you get the question correct your score will show at the end after you answer all the questions first holy roman emperor charlemagne clovis ivan the great henry ii, middle ages test william and mary - middle ages test multiple choice 23 questions 2 points each 1 where did the angles and saxons invade and settle primarily a england b, test 7 the european middle ages - 3 to attack a castle in the middle ages of europe one might use a trebuchet or a battering ram 4 a layperson is a person who is not a member of a church 5 canons and the long bow helped to bring about an end to the effectiveness of a knight s value on the battlefield toward the end of the middle ages 6