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partisan ranger act wikipedia - on april 21 1862 the congress of the confederate states of america passed the partisan ranger act the law was intended as a stimulus for recruitment of irregulars for service into the confederate states army during the american civil war the confederate leadership like the union leadership later opposed the use of irregular warfare fearing that the lack of discipline among rival guerrilla, amazon com war in the shadows the guerrilla in history - ranging from alexander the great s battles with asiatic scythians through the russian revolution and on up to the turmoil in the middle east and the battle in northern ireland war in the shadows is a book of monumental sweep and singular perspective, portuguese colonial war wikipedia - the portuguese colonial war portuguese guerra colonial portuguesa also known in portugal as the overseas war guerra do ultramar or in the former colonies as the war of liberation guerra de liberta o was fought between portugal s military and the emerging nationalist movements in portugal s african colonies between 1961 and 1974 the portuguese regime was overthrown by a military