Modern Insurgencies And Counter Insurgencies Guerrillas And Their Opponents Since 1750 Warfare And History -

partisan ranger act wikipedia - neil hunter raiford the 4th north carolina cavalry in the civil war mcfarland company 2003 isbn 0 7864 1468 5 page 5 robert r mackey the uncivil war irregular warfare in the upper south 1861 1865 university of oklahoma press 2004 isbn 978 0 8061 3736 0 inc ebrary modern insurgencies and counter insurgencies guerrillas and their opponents since 1750 routledge uk 2001, amazon com war in the shadows the guerrilla in history - this is the definitive work on guerrilla warfare no other book covers the subject with the breadth and depth equal to this one if you are a serious student of counterinsurgency guerrilla warfare unconventional warfare 4th generation warfare or whatever you want to call it you will want this two volume set on your shelf, portuguese colonial war wikipedia - the portuguese colonial war portuguese guerra colonial portuguesa also known in portugal as the overseas war guerra do ultramar or in the former colonies as the war of liberation guerra de liberta o was fought between portugal s military and the emerging nationalist movements in portugal s african colonies between 1961 and 1974 the portuguese regime was overthrown by a military